Bluefield H.S. Student Council President Arrives at Prom in ‘ReStore’ Fashion

One thing I love about being an IBC (Islander by choice) is experiencing all the different traditions this beautiful Island has to offer. As a mother of two children who have both graduated from high school and post-secondary schools, I thought I had experienced all the fun there is on prom night…but I was wrong. Last night, Mario (as the Habitat PEI ReStore Manager) was able to play a fun role ……in the Bluefield High School prom parade tradition.

Student Council president Aiden Brine took a leadership role in our partnership with Bluefield High School. This high school built a Habitat home in the school yard which will be transported to the final location for a local family of four.

Some students arrived at the prom in luxury cars, pick up trucks, Gators, tow trucks, etc. I loved the Redneck Camper and lawn tractors! The object is to be creative and have fun.  Aiden wanted to be ‘delivered’ to his grade 12 prom in a way that reminded everyone of the school’s support of Habitat for Humanity. Watch the video as Aiden arrives in true “ReStore” fashion.

Posted by Susan Zambonin, Executive Director

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  • Aiden Brine says:

    It was fantastic to see our plan for the prom-walk take shape in such an amazing way. My date Fallon and I received numerous compliments on the creative approach to our arrival. We really appreciate the time and energy that Mario and Susan gave to make this all possible.
    Having been involved in the Habitat for Humanity build at Bluefield throughout the school year has been a great experience for me and many other students. We gave a lot, we got a lot, and are very proud of what we accomplished together. I was really glad to be able to highlight the success of the project one more time on prom night. I really hope that in the future other high school students get the chance to have a similar experience.

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