Culinary highlights of the Long Creek Build

Maddie checks out the menu. What a great smile she has. Alison of Queens County Family Committee provided coffee.

Some great food is being served this week on the long Creek Build Site. Home made food, Chinese food, pizza, Starbucks – a real culinary delight!


What a wonderful scoff of Chinese food: thanks to Danny at Royal Gardens, Cornwall


United Church Women Cornwall prepared roast beef & tuna sandwiches, cherry & apple crumble and more. What a lunch.


Cindy does the coffee run


Starbucks coffee break. Thank you Wendy.


leaving Royal Gardens Cornwall


Hard work, well earned rest - in the sun!

Pizza pizza pizza: thanks to Manley Mann Media (Christine & Jaime)

Grace before lunch

Christine & Jaime suited up & ready to go - sort of. Happy Birthday, Jaime!


  • Alison Gordon says:

    The house is really coming along and we all seem to be eating well. It all is quite fantastic how it all is coming looking forward to lots of photos

  • RGordon says:

    Log on to the bold printed title on the above post to see what has been posted on the Manley Mann media site. Great coverage.

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