Our First Wall Raising Of 2014

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us, the first wall raising of 2014. ¬†Our partner homeowner Cristina Morales and her children, Paulina and Diego were in attendance and very excited to see their new home come together. With a fantastic number of generous volunteers and a glorious day of sunshine we made great progress and from nothing but a foundation a house sprang up over the course of the day. Many thanks to everyone who made things go smoothly, especially St Dunstan’s Knights of Columbus for supplying lunch and the many volunteers who came out to help make Cristina’s dream a reality, there are too many to name but thank you so much.

As a special treat we were able to set up a camera and shoot a time lapse of the day. So if you’ve ever wondered what a Habitat for Humanity PEI wall raising looks like, take a look. If you were there then thank you again and please enjoy watching 9 hours of your hard work in just two minutes!

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