How It Works

Who is chosen to partner with Habitat for Humanity PEI to build a home for their family?

Habitat for Humanity PEI is dedicated to giving a hand up to those families of all sizes who do not qualify for a traditional mortgage.
There are several steps in the process but the first step is to find out if you’re eligible!

Please complete our Pre-Application to determine if you meet the basic eligibility criteria and if you should complete a full application.

Once your application is submitted, we look to see if your basic financial information fits our criteria.

If it does,  you will then be asked to obtain a credit report from Equifax and submit it to us. You will also be asked to set up a meeting with a credit counselor. (We refer you to a particular credit counselor who will provide their services to you for free)

The credit counselor will give the Executive Director their professional recommendation on the information provided during the visit.
Credit Counseling services are free and are a separate entity from Habitat for Humanity

Based on this recommendation, the Executive Director will schedule a home visit with you. This visit is to confirm that the living conditions are as indicated on your application, to give you more information about partnering with Habitat for Humanity PEI, and to build a case that will be presented to our Board of Directors.

During the next Board of Director meeting, your case will be presented with all identifying information removed and it is then up to the Board to decide.

The Board of Director’s may answer with a ‘yes’, a ‘no’ or occasionally a ‘maybe’. We will then communicate that answer to you, and if it is a yes we will begin the process!


Who builds Habitat for Humanity PEI houses?

The Habitat for Humanity Home-Ownership program is a partnership between Habitat for Humanity and the family who will be buying the house and so the construction of the house is also a partnership! A paid, full-time Construction Manager will oversee all aspects of the construction of the home but will be helped by many others throughout this process. Of course, licensed professionals are brought in for the difficult stuff! The future home-owners, their friends and family and volunteers from the community will also have the chance to do meaningful construction work on the home. A willingness to learn is the only necessary skill to have on a Habitat for Humanity PEI construction site.


How do the mortgages work?

Habitat for Humanity PEI partner families pay an interest free mortgage based on 25% of yearly gross income. All mortgage payments go into a revolving fund which helps fund the next build.

Our partner families are paying it forward to more families each time they make a mortgage payment!