Long Creek Build Coming Along

I visited the site this a.m. What a great day for a build. And the house is now really beginning to take shape. Siding and soffit going up. Windows installed. Rough plumbing in progress and much of the rough electrical work in place. Talking over coffee with one of the Care-A-Vanners, Louanne from Colorado, was inspiring to say the least. She’s in the first year of her Care-A-Vanning and has taken a year off work to do it. Good for you, Louanne. Photos show volunteers working away, then taking a well-earned coffee break. There’s a photo of Tracey standing in the front door of her new home. Tracey told me that she feels so warm and fuzzy about becoming a new homeowner that she is going to give up smokingĀ once the home is built. Now, there’s a goal if ever there was one. Go to it, Tracey


Beginning to look like a home

Tracey says Welcome to my new home

What's he doing up there?

Phew, that was hard work



  • Mar Thomson says:

    Great to see the pictures Roger. Rob and I were working Saturday and couldn’t believe the progress that had been made in one week thanks to the Care a Vanners and other volunteers. Tracey’s family insulated and installed vapour barrier. We’ll be painting before we know it.

  • luann armstrong says:

    Am really enjoying my stay and work in P.E.I. Thanks for having us and taking care of us so well.
    Care-A-Vanner Luann from Co.

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