Play Habitat 50/50!

Get Your Habitat for Humanity 50/50 Tickets!

1st draw will be Friday, November 21st at noon.

How to Play:

1. Tell the sales person you would like to become a member of the Habitat PEI 50/50.

2. They will give you a ticket with a number on it. Please fill in your name and phone number very clearly.

3. Put the ticket stub into the draw box. You are now a member of our Habitat PEI 50/50 Draw with an assigned number. Please keep the numbered portion of your ticket.

4. The cost to play is $2 a week. Write your number very clearly on the provided stickers beside the 50/50 box. Attach the sticker to a toonie and drop it in the box.

5. Weekly draws are made every Friday at noon.

6. The draw’s value is 50% of the total pool. In the event a number is drawn that is not signed in that amount is carried over and added to the next weeks draw.

• Make sure you write your number very clearly. If it can be a different number viewed upside down then put a line below to be sure proper number can be identified.

• There is absolutely no advantage to signing in more than once unless you intend to play more than 1 number each week. All of the numbers are pulled from a separate drum. We do not use the toonies in the drawing process.

• If you forget your number, please ask the retailer for it or give us a call at Habitat for Humanity PEI and we’ll help you out (902.367.3559).

• If you have no toonies and have to put in 2 loonies then please only put one sticker on one loonie.

• In the rare case that a number conflict may occur, our master list at Habitat for Humanity PEI supersedes all other lists.

Good Luck and Thank You for your support


  • Diana Lariviere says:

    I’m “in” but one thing I am not clear about. Do I have to personally go to the Re-Store every week to drop my toonie in the box? Tx.

    • Susan Zambonin says:

      Thank you for your interest in our 50/50 Diana. If you would like to stop in for the first time to fill out the membership card that would be great. You can then give us a cheque (or cash) for a month, a year….whatever you like. We can make sure your number is in the draw each week. Or you can stop into the ReStore once a week to play. Email Colleen at [email protected] or call 367-3559 and let us know what you would like to do.

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