Meet The Teams!

Heather & Lenny (Birdmouse)

Heather & Lenny

We are Heather & Lenny Gallant and we build furniture and artwork out of reclaimed wood for a living, as part of our business, Birdmouse. This puts a lot of pressure on us to create some unique and beautiful pieces to be auctioned off! We won the Judge’s Choice Award for the Design Gala 2015. Will we buckle under the pressure this year or set the bar higher?! We shall see! We are excited for a bigger and better 2016 event and look forward to unleashing our imaginations on our items from the ReStore.

birdmouseroom8 birdmouseroom6birdmouseroom9 birdmouseroom7  birdmouseroom5 birdmouseroom4 Birdmouseroom3 Birdmouseroom Birdmouseroom2

Erica & Blake

Blake & Erica

We are both extremely excited to be participating in the “2nd annual PEI Habitat for Humanity’s Repurpose for a Purpose Gala”. Together, we reside in New Dominion with our 7 year old daughter, Alyannah. We share the passion of restoring various furniture pieces and bringing them to life again. In the past, we have refinished dressers, cabinets, tables, chairs and are constantly looking for more pieces to transform. While Erika brings the creativity and design aspect, Blake is much more efficient with operating tools. Together, we collaborate and continue to create some pieces that we will love for many years to come.

We look forward to seeing all of the gorgeous pieces that the teams will bring forward to display at the Gala.

EricaRoom1 EricaRoom2 EricaRoom5 Ericaroom4 Ericaroom3

Arnold & Carter


Arnold has been RePurposing all his life- from old dressers to his century old ancestral home he saved from demolition in 1999. Carter is a draftsman who has always had a keen interest in preserving the past and the built heritage of the Island.
Arnold & Carter won the Judges Choice Award at last year’s Repurpose for a Purpose Design Gala, so we can’t wait to see what they bring to the event this year!

Arnoldroom arnoldroom2 arnoldroom3 Arnoldroom4 Arnoldroom5

Tiffany & John

John & Tiffany

John and myself (Tiffany) became friends way back when gas was less then .50 cents a litre and when the streets were always lined with treasures….by treasures I mean other people’s trash. BUT!! John and I always saw these items as re-usable and wanted to give them new purpose.

Now we leap ahead through many of life’s adventures together. Along with our group of friends and family, John and I realised that we both came from special generations of treasure collectors and handymen. In my family, specifically my mother, the trash of choice was chairs…so many chairs, so many with no pairs but those unwanted chairs with repairs make a quad?? …you get what I mean. As for John he’s a visionary, he comes from a long list of “John’s of all trades” and is a first generation treasure collector.

tiffJohnroom5 TiffJohnroom4 TiffJohnroom2TiffJohnroom3  TiffJohnroom1

Brodye & Shallyn

Brodye & Shallyn

I (Brodye) am the owner/operator of Brodye Chappell Builds in Charlottetown. I specialize in custom furniture and building commercial spaces for small businesses. I’m super excited to be a part of this and I’m up for the challenge to make a silk purse out of a sows ear!

Shallyn is an architect at BGHJ Architects and is passionate about the design of sophisticated, contemporary spaces. She has a particular interest in local vernacular/craft that has encouraged her to pursue social architecture projects including a design-build project in Ladakh, India and research in the floating villages of Cambodia studying traditional amphibious design techniques.

Shallyn and Brodye collaborated on their first project together this year – the Urban Beehive Project – constructing the first demonstrational beehive site in Atlantic Canada. Their love of contemporary details, craftsmanship and passion for the built environment has made them an unstoppable design-build team!

brodieroom6 brodieroom5 Brodieroom4 Brodieroom3 Brodieroom1

Meaghan & Ryan


My name is Meaghan Noel and my repurposing partner as well as my life partner is Ryan Doucet. We live in Charlottetown, neither of us are from PEI but can recognize a good thing when we see it, so we stayed! We have a 5 yr old son, Emmet and he keeps us busy.

When we aren’t being super parents we can be found at home, or in our garage redoing something that has already been redone for the 5th time. We appreciate charm and character and have a strong philosophy in reduce, reuse, recycle. Up-cycling is in our blood and it is a passion we share. We love working together because we share very similar tastes but each of us has a some unique differences. Ryan has a passion for the industrial look, while I have more of a rustic, whimsy tendency. Our home is a collection of projects we have done individually and also together. We consider our home to be the best display of our talents, tastes and creativity. We have a strong affinity for the work that HFH does and we are so excited to be apart of this great fundraising event!

Pictures to come!