A big thank you to all who came out and supported Habitat for Humanity PEI with our RePurpose for a Purpose Event.
Together we raised almost $25,000 so that we can continue our work of building homes with Island families.
Our designers: Blake and Erika Morrissey, Arnold Smith and Carter Jeffery, Birdmouse (Heather and Lenny Gallant), and Brodye Chappell and Shallyn Murray put in A LOT of hours and hard work into their designs. We didn’t make it easy on them, but they produced some amazing items. These teams are truly amazing as this is their 2nd and 3rd year returning with this event. On behalf of Habitat for Humanity PEI and ReStore Staff, partner families and future partner families, thank you so very much.

The event would not have been possible without our incredible sponsors, which we would like to thank one more time: