Catering is an integral part of our construction program.  Islanders are well-known for their hospitality and we simply can’t let volunteers go home without feeding them!
Catering provide many opportunities for fellowship among volunteers, homeowners and non-construction volunteers.  The catering team arranges for food, water and refreshments on the job site.


    1.  Provide water onsite daily for the volunteers.
    2. Plan meals and snacks to be provided for the volunteers.
    3. The catering team recruit volunteers to solicit, prepare or serve food.
    4.  Remind volunteers and suppliers one week before and the day before their service date.
    5. Arrange for supplies, such as plates, cups, napkins, cups, etc., to be available.
    6. Remove any trash from the job site that would attract dogs and/or bugs.
    7. Forward a list of names, addresses, and items which have been donated to Habitat PEI.

Characteristics of the catering team leader
Communication, organizational skills and a familiarity with community groups (faith, service, business) and individuals are key. The catering team understands the importance of providing volunteers with food and an opportunity to bond while working and the sense of participation that individuals who cannot ‘build’ feel when they are asked to help by providing meals for the volunteers.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 902-367-3041 to volunteer to help with catering.