Who We Are

Founded in 1996, Habitat for Humanity PEI is a non-profit organization working towards an Island where everyone has the opportunity to live in a safe and quality home. Habitat for Humanity PEI is a provincial affiliate of Habitat for Humanity Canada, and is one of 46 affiliates across the country

With the help of our generous volunteers, our organization has provided more than 75 families with safe, quality, and affordable homeownership opportunities throughout Prince Edward Island.

Across the world, Habitat for Humanity improves a family's housing situation every 10 minutes.

Habitat for Humanity PEI

Habitat for Humanity PEI (Habitat PEI) facilitates partnerships by bringing together families seeking support for accessing affordable housing and collaborators in the community including the construction industry, suppliers, as well as other supporters, sponsors, donors and volunteers.

Habitat PEI works with Habitat Homeowners and community partners to facilitate the construction and financing of affordable housing. In addition, Habitat’s home décor, building supply and home renovation store, ReStore, sells new and gently-used items. Through these efforts, Habitat PEI contributes to the provincial goals related to the housing continuum in PEI as well as diverting waste from landfills, providing social and environmental benefits to the community.

Habitat PEI is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and supported by staff. One of 46 Habitat affiliates across the country, Habitats helps to transform lives by smoothing the path to stability and self-reliance through housing. Habitat for Humanity Canada (Habitat Canada) is part of an international network and brand bringing credibility, trust, and community spirit.

In 2022, the timing was right for Habitat PEI to develop a new strategic plan to guide the direction over the next three years. This plan is based on feedback provided by members of the community and various partners, including Habitat Homeowner feedback as well as the guidance and direction of the Board of Directors and CEO. The staff team also developed an implementation plan to support the successful execution of the strategic plan.

Our aim is to foster equity through affordable housing by embracing diversity and inclusion.

Every individual involved with Habitat is empowered to feel safe and encouraged to bring their whole selves to our mission, and they know they are valued, heard and respected. This work is carried out through meaningful partnerships and engaged communities.

Our Vision

Building community through opportunities for safe, quality and affordable homeownership.

Our Goal

To facilitate diverse communities coming together to help families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership opportunities.


Empower people

Engage communities

Embrace diversity and inclusion

Build meaningful partnerships

Core Activities

These core activities are part of Habitat for Humanity PEI's Strategic Plan.

Engage, educate, and partner with families

Facilitate homeownership from planning and construction to financing

Accept and resell gently-used and new building supplies, household items, and home decor at affordable prices at the ReStore

Connect communities through partnerships, donations, sponsorships, and volunteering

Align with Habitat Canada and leverage best practices through affiliates


Habitat for Humanity PEI's 5 Bucket Goals

Habitat for Humanity PEI's five bucket goals are part of our 2022-25 Strategic Plan.

Empower Our Habitat Homeowners

Define Habitat Homeowners needs to best meet the evolving demands of our growing communities

Provide onboarding education, and training to our Habitat Homeowners

Enhance communications with our Habitat Homeowners

Provide innovative volunteer opportunities and long-term engagement

Establish Innovative Mortgage Models

Explore best practices through Habitat for Humanity affiliates and the specific needs for affordable housing in our communities

Define and develop sustainable affordable mortgage models

Ensure alignment with Habitat Canada

Broaden Our Reach in the Community

Develop and implement a multi-year housing development plan that aligns with our mission and resources

Facilitate innovative solutions and housing options through partnerships

Maintain quality standards that meet or exceed the national building code of Canada

Establish restoration services, by building capacity and skills, based on Habitat Canada programs focused on home restoration

Explore in the longer term the potential to convert older homes to affordable homeownership within Habitat Canada guidelines

Grow Community Engagement

Create greater awareness of Habitat for Humanity PEI and the impact of partnership on Island communities and affordable homeownership

Promote and support opportunities for donations of time, money and home building supplies

Develop, grow and recognize strong private sector partnerships

Build relationships with municipal, provincial, and federal governments to advance shared priorities that align with our mission

Engage youth and people with diverse skills including through relationships with post-secondary institutions

Ensure a Healthy & Sustainable Organization

Appropriately resource our organization to achieve priorities, while carrying out our mandate as a charitable organization

Build excellence into all areas of the organization through a strong, supportive team and professionalism in how we operate

Establish a sustainable financial model

Create a visible, welcoming space that supports engagement of all of our communities

Establish a plan to grow ReStore

Ensure strong board governance and stewardship

Future Plans for Habitat for Humanity PEI

The next three years include goals related to empowering Habitat Homeowners, broadening our reach in the community, establishing innovative mortgage models, and growing community engagement. These goals can only be achieved by a healthy and sustainable organization. Habitat for Humanity PEI will work towards its vision of building community through opportunities for safe, quality and affordable homeownership.

Building Community & Strength

We bring Island communities together

Building community through opportunities for safe, quality and affordable homeownership. We facilitate diverse communities coming together to help families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership opportunities.