Homeownership Program

Setting Up for Long-Term Success

At Habitat for Humanity PEI, we team up with working families to make homeownership a reality. The road to owning your dream home calls for some elbow grease, time, and a whole lot of dedication. But guess what? All that hard work pays off big time, setting our Habitat Homeowners up for long-term success.

How Does It Work?

Families who go through our application process and get accepted to become Habitat homeowners, purchase their home through an affordable mortgage. Not only that, but they also commit to completing 500 volunteer hours to Habitat for Humanity PEI, and their community.

Here's the magic – with a little boost from us, these Habitat homeowners gain strength, stability, and independence they need to create better lives for themselves and their loved ones. They are empowered to overcome obstacles, making way for brighter, healthier, and financially stable futures.

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Eligible Habitat Homebuyers Qualifications

Need of Better Housing

Ensuring suitable shelter is a must. We look at housing costs, health concerns, and who's living together – the number, genders, and ages.

Potential buyers might face problems like bad construction, unhealthy living conditions, or lacking space in their current homes. Plus, high rents, inaccessible places for those with disabilities, damage from nature, and unique shelter needs add to the mix of challenges.

Willingness to Partner

There must be a willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity PEI. You must commit to completing 500 volunteer hours.

Habitat homebuyers dedicate extensive hours to constructing their own and fellow participants' homes. This encompasses practical building work, as well as workshops on finance, home upkeep, and homeownership essentials.

Ability to Pay an Affordable Mortgage

Ability to pay an affordable mortgage

Successful candidates need a stable income, excluding measures like Employment Insurance or Income Assistance.

Habitat for Humanity PEI provides affordable homeownership with mortgage payments reinvested locally to construct more houses.

Habitat Homeowner Guide

If you are thinking of applying for the affordable homeownership program with Habitat for Humanity PEI, please read the link below to learn the in's and out's of being a Habitat Homeowner.

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Building Community & Strength

We bring Island communities together

Building community through opportunities for safe, quality and affordable homeownership. We facilitate diverse communities coming together to help families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership opportunities.